Adult Son Issue

QUESTION: Dear Luise: I don’t know what to do …my only son and I were best friends and all we each had then he met this girl who is vile and hateful ….she swears at me and verbally and emotionally abuses me and is turning my son against me…I am disabled and I am my son’s legal dependent…in other words he provides for me…since his dad left us 5 years ago when my son was 18….my disabilities are great….and I cannot work …I wish I could …I feel like I am in prison and my son’s future wife is the abusive prison guard….I am seeing a counselor and psychologist…but they don’t know what to do….with no money of mine own I am trapped….no services can help me..It may be another year before disabilitiy will come through…..I can’t go on this way…I love my son more than anything in this world…but I don’t understand what he sees in this vile girl..she swears like a sailor and is very very dirty and smells from the filth….she is mean and cruel to me….and constantly is trying to turn him from me…he tells me he loves me but I can feel that she is ruining our once great relationship….I wanted my son to marry…..I just thought it would be to a kind, sweet , compassionate girl…please help. M.

ANSWER: Dear M.: I have developed a Web-forum around your issue. For an understand and loving community to help you through this, please come over to:  I will be there, too. Blessings, Luise

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