Adult Kids Hate Me

Question: Dear Lusie: I wasnt the best parent by far–drink too much–was scared all the time–however no one ever abused my kids–I had PMDD and the in 02 diagnosed with ADHD–Now that I’m thru the change–no mood swings–now I know I’m ADHd–guess its too late–my sister and the kids dads hate me –I’m working in YNP and everyone loves me–but I do miss my kids–I have accepted maybe they will never come back–thats it–no kids or grandkids–and life goes on–I think they will never love me–what do you think—D.

Answer: Dear D.: You got through it and you’re doing well. Good for you! They may never see it and there’s really nothing you can do about that.

I know it is hard but it may be best to just move on and appreciate the life you have made for yourself. You have a good job and are respected there. That helps a lot with self-respect. And much of your life is still ahead of you. My advice would be to enjoy it and be proud. Blessings, Luise




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