Adult Daughter Turned Against Me

Question: Dear Luise: My daughter married a man she met on facebook. She only knew him for 30 days. She did not tell me until after the fact. He was unemployed living with his mom and day;however, after he got married his dad put him out. I felt sorry for him so i allowed them to move in with me. I am unable to work so my daughter had been paying all the bills. Because I will not allow this husband to drink,smoke in my home, he has convinced him to leave me homeless and get them a place to stay.she has agreed and i got to find help. this man is an unbeliever, full of angry and they agruing all the time. what makes a once great daughter take side of the devil. C.

Answer: Dear C.: We can never make sense of the senseless…there’s no use trying. You did your best in raising your daughter and your job is done. You aren’t responsible for each other. Time to talk to your pastor. Blessings, Luise

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