Abusive Son

Question: Dear Luise: My son is 39 years old and has used Meth since he was 17 years old. Now they are using bath salts in this drug. My son has gotten so abusive with me that I had to kick him out of my house. He calls
me filthy names and threatens to kill me.
I have called the police and they take him to detox. I’m afraid I will have to stay away from him as long as he’s using.
I love my son but I am so afraid of him. I am so very sad and I know he makes his own choices!! I feel so helpless right now.
This tuff love is so hard and I’m so tired of all his drama. He makes me feel guilty. What should I do? J.

Answer: Dear J.: I have a Web-forum for women who are experiencing serious issues with adult children and extended families.  It’s just too deep and complex for a question and answer venue.  What I have found to be most needed is the kind of support that can be obtained from a loving and understanding  community over a period of time. At www.WiseWomenUnite.com many moms have moved through the impossible and back to health. Please come over and get us a try. Blessings. Luise

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