About Luise Volta

Luise Volta of MomResponds.comLuise’s long life has brought her to being the great grandmother of four teenagers. Born in 1927, the miles in between her teens and theirs have been full of falling and getting up, learning and growing and then falling and getting up again. A normal, though not simple, process.

She has had diverse careers in nursing, teaching preschool, interior design, Real Estate sales, insurance adjusting and dairy herd testing. She’s lived in the Mid-west, South and West Coast.

Luise was married to the love of her life, Val, born in 1911 and who has passed away. Their little terrier, “Rosa,” makes most of the major decisions at their house, (or thinks she does).

She has been a counselor, in the broadest sense of the word, most of her adult life. Family members, extended family, friends and occasionally strangers ask for her input and guidance as they travel the not-too-smooth road called “life”.

Several years after she retired her sons introduced her to computers, Web-surfing, email, e-shopping. The idea of broadening her counseling into that venue came from those closest to her who felt they wanted to share her wisdom with others.

She’s game, if you are!

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