A Moving Faith

Question: Dear Luise: i honestly thought i was all alone in this quest until i check out the web site. there need to be a club throughout country on this problem. it really needs to be addressed on a large scale. it hurts when you have co-workers always speak of their children in loving ways and all they are going to do on holidays and you are just staring and smiling not knowing how to respond. i have had/have problems with my daughter since she was twelve. not only did she try to destroy where we lived by stealing clothes from the dryers in the apartment she also hid stolen clothes behind the furnaces of the apartment complex to which the manager threaten to put us out. we were only saved from moving because of my status. my daughter became pregnant, had a sick child due to this boy taking steroids and costing $150.000 of hospital bills to save this baby,my grand-son. thank GOD for my insurance that took care of the bill. several months later she was pregnant again. these are only some of these issues that became more and more complex through out the years as i really worked hard to save/protect my only child from destruction. at this present time she is thirty-nine. we have no contact. i have asked over a dozen of times did i do something wrong and her reply would be,no mom. you raise me well and i don’t know why i am the way i am. i prayed and cried to God how can this happen,i love my baby girl. however,she do not care for me. and my grand children are a no contact. what i did was sold my home and left town. my mother and father died and i had a bad marriage that ended. i believe and now know that we have babies and they are not always ours to keep through our senior years. sometimes they come and go.and if we are lucky they return when we are old. my new life in a new town is like a rebirth. with prayer and faith and i mean moving doing faith that requires action is the best medicine. women stop killing yourself and realize that you did the best that you could have done during those times. now it’s up to them to do their best and believe me their children will have complaints also. get some moving along faith and dry up those tears and begin a life for self. it was a struggle and a learning process and yes it hurts but there will be other things that will make you laugh and be fulfilled. try to remember a moving faith get results. C.

Answer: Dear C.; Thank you for your inspiring story of recovery. Blessings, Luise


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