Planning a Park Model RV Park

Question: Dear Luise – I see you have addressed Park Model Homes on the web. I am considering building an RV Park in Eastern Washington, targeting park model homes, and wondered if you can point me to any good articles or information that would help me understand who is buying/renting them, who the best manufacturers are, how to layout the park, etc. Anything that would help me understand the product and the need. Thank you very much. M.

Answer: Dear Mitch: I would recommend the Breckenridge for several reasons. Right now, first and foremost, they are a solid, well-funded company that is hanging in when others are closing their doors. They also have a good, long-standing reputation in the industry.

I am not well versed on park construction and layout. You might contact Breckenridge to see if they have a development department to assist you. Many successful parks only allow seniors in an attempt to attract a more stable and responsible clientele than younger families often represent.

There are many Park Model parks are in Arizona and a trip down there might give you some good input regarding layout. Blessings, Luise


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