I Am Nothing Without My Mother

My beloved Mother passed away on 16th Feb. this year and with that, my purpose to live is gone. We are three sisters, I am 41 and the youngest. Both sisters are married, have grown up children and are in the same city as ours. I never wanted a family, other than the one gifted […]

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I Let My Mom Down

Question: Dear Luise: I have been reading other questions and answers, and feel the tears coming on right now.  Mom passed away last month, February 4, 2015.  She lived with us for 7+ years after my dad passed.  I am the baby and have three siblings.  None came to visit her until she had a […]

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My children Hate Me

QUESTION: Dear Luise: Why do my children hate me and love my husband? Jo Marie ANSWER: Mothers of do most of the raising of children while fathers come and go. They are easier to love than the one doing the dicipine. Please come over to my Webforum: www.WiseWomanUnite.com where other women will share, listen, care and often […]

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Adult Son Issue

QUESTION: Dear Luise: I don’t know what to do …my only son and I were best friends and all we each had then he met this girl who is vile and hateful ….she swears at me and verbally and emotionally abuses me and is turning my son against me…I am disabled and I am my […]

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A Conversation on a Plane

Hello Luise, I just came across your name and website that was given to me by a man who was going to meet you from Michigan, he was older and had long hair, very neat person, and I think he lived in Rochester/Rochester Hills. I always meant to write you (it’s been a couple of […]

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How Do I Get Started

Question: Dear Luise: I want to travel and meet people my age, I’m 62 retired I live in Michigan and I don’t know where to start until I came across your web page so I throught I would write and you could help me get started. G. Answer: Dear G.: I would go online and […]

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It Feels Like a Dead End

Question: Dear Luise: I have read several of your posts to others.  I have 2 boys 20 and 17 both are wonderful.  Past 4 yrs have been trying since my mother’s death.  Boys were very argumentive with each other beyond reasoning and I began to drink so much and there father was impatient and abusive mentally […]

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