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We’re Updating Our Wil

Question: Dear Luise: Our son is 50, unmarried, and totally estranged from us.  We have analyzed the situation over and over.  We are not monsters, but perhaps we have been too generous over the years.  I recently heard that spoiled children often turn against their parents and so maybe this is the case.  Our daughter […]

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How Do I Restore The Relationships

Question: Dear Luise: Until my son and daughter were in college, we were extremely close.  In 1990 I discovered that my husband had “loaned” the money I had worked for and saved for their educations to his brother, which was never paid back. Also, my husband, a military officer, retired just before making full colonel […]

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My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Question: Dear Luise: I have been in a relationship with someone for the past 1 1/2 years. He is 28 years older than me, we worked together for 5 years and we are the best of friends we are so compatible we know we have found our mates. He has had a hard life so […]

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Why Did The Child in Me Come Out?

Question: Dear Luise: While visiting my son during Christmas, the child in me came out when I saw an e-mail to him from his cousin which had, “Shssssh!” in the subject line and I read it.  I felt just awful afterward and I confessed to him what I did.  He forgave me after I apologized […]

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Why Is Grandma So Hateful?

Question: Dear Luise: My husband’s grandmother is jealous of my relationship with his mom; her daughter! She hates me. She just told my MIL that I stole her away from her. I have been with my husband for 33 years… married 27 and his mother and I are best friends. We live in different states. […]

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Everyone’s Bitter Over Money

Question: Dear Luise: Please help me. My son in law wanted money to pay down his mortgage and because I didn’t give it, my daughter does not talk to me and my grand children only call once in a while. I’m sick. I can’t eat or sleep. My mind is so confused. I don’t know […]

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I’m Disinheriting Them

Question: Dear Luise: I have 3 grown sons and 3 beautiful daughter-in-laws and a wonderful 2nd marriage. My sons lost their father from als 4 years ago.  My oldest son had shown signs of being greedy with family money when my mother died. She thought of my sons as hers.  No boundaries in our family!!  […]

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